3 views on why the recovery continues

Clearly the past two months jobs reports have been disheartening to the country , and painful for those who continue on the rolls of the un or underemployed.   Here are three views of what the next six to twelve months hold that should provide some reason for feeling we may still be on a positive path.

Bill Connerly in his Blog Businomics says there are reasons we’ve hit this slow patch and things will turn up as we move toward year end .  Read more here:   Remember Connerly predicted a coming mini-boom in Commercial Real Estate within the next few years.

Warren Buffett says he’d bet heavily against a double dip and in fact thinks hiring will pick up significantly in 2012.   Check out the whole story:

US News  had an article this week that pointed out the fact that growth has slowed, but it is still growth.   Karen Dynan, vice president for economic studies at the Brookings Institution, seems to agree. “I don’t think we’re heading for a double-dip. During the entire recovery … we’ve seen periods where things have picked up a bit, and we’ve seen slower patches, and people start talking about double-dips.” The latest spate of discouraging indicators, she says, is simply an example of a slowdown in the midst of what is ultimately a larger recovery.  Read the whole article here:



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