Jim West Commercial Real Estate


Value is the theme for this decade’s economic climate


Considering the events of the previous decade; artificially low interest rates, asset bubbles, and the Financial Tsunami of 2008 that triggered the  Great Recession, it is more critical  than ever to  ensure there is underlying value in the assets you acquire.

 We are a commercial property firm with a focus on Investment Real Estate.


Your investment may be:


  •                 Moving your company from leasing to owning your business property
  •                 Finding a more stable vehicle for your IRA / Retirement dollars
  •                 Acquiring a distressed property from a lender
  •                 Or simply seeking to find returns above those available in a  cd or money market account.

 Whether you have millions to invest or are making that first step into the commercial real estate world  we can provide the resources, education and process to make every transaction run smoothly and profitably.

We are experts at deal evaluation and opportunities in our market place

Education, communication and planning are keys to great relationships

Service is paramount and our passion is to make transactions seamless

Trust is the foundation we build the company on.

 Commercial property has been a great vehicle for generating and protecting wealth over many decades.   We firmly believe there are 7 Reasons Why this will continue in the 21st century.  True asset diversification means putting some of your investment dollars outside the vagaries of the stock market and into something tangible.