Conerly Snapshot

Bill Conerly of Conerly Consulting send out a monthly newsletter that I always find insightful. He is also a regular contributor to Forbes.  He  helps cut through the noise and we all know there has been plenty of noise with the investment and oil  markets jumpy, the presidential primaries on full tilt and let’s toss in an opening on the Supreme Court.

These are five graphics I pulled from the March  newsletter.  He still expects moderate growth, which the past two years came in at just above 2% increases.   Employment rebounded in February.  Overall steady, and we expect the paace of growth to accelerate as we move toward summer.

Real GDP Growth/U.S. Home Prices Household Net Worth/Capital Goods Orders Stock MarketCharts used by permission of Bill Conerly (


Glambar to provide sparkle at Sparks

The GlamBar Babes are creating sparkle in downtown Vancouver already.  Click on the image to hear from them directly as they get ready for their grand opening. We’re proud to have helped them through the steps to getting a signed lease and be able to announce their new venture.


Downtown Vancouver already has built a “niche” in the Fashion and Beauty industry the past five years. Home base the past several years to Couve Couture fashion shows,  and numerous hair styling salons and spa businesses, the latest entrants into this market plan on a glittering grand opening early this spring.  Meghan Hamilton and Leslie Stose are bringing “Glambar”  to the “new” Sparks building.     Hamilton and Stose are the most recent tenants to sign with Hurley Development, and the build out for their space is well underway.

Glambar will be based around the idea of women having a make up  lounge or beauty bar type atmosphere, with very personalized services,  oriented specifically around styling and being event driven.  The concept has been developed by Meghan Hamilton and is based on the most cutting edge salons in the glamor industry.

So whether your in need of a place for the entire  bridal party to gather before the big event, heading to or MCing one of our outstanding community fundraising events or simply wanting to look your absolute best for that upcoming interview, Leslie and Meghan will take great care of you.


Awash in Optimism

We’ve entered the economic forecast zone as 2015 gets into full swing.  Everything that I read seems to radiate optimism.  As 2014 drew to a close we had gas prices falling to their lowest level since 2009.   We had consumer confidence rising, in fact reaching levels unseen since 1998.    Wonder if those two are connected ???   For the American consumer it seems they are tightly bound, but that is a post for another time.

Jim Bowen spoke last week at a breakfast meeting put on by Riverview Asset  Management the wealth management  arm  of Riverview Community Bank.  Bowen is highly enthused about not only the immediate economic horizon of 2015, but claims we have put in place several key planks in a solid long term foundation by the way we’ve made ourselves more competitive  with oil and natural gas, the 3d printing wave that is anticipated to sweep upon us,  strides to be made on immigration, and the trend of manufacturerers  investing in new plants here at home.

Western Real Estate Business Magazine published an article early in january 2015 that summed up a recent survey of brokers, lenders and  developers/owners ; the three key sectors of commercial real estate was quite optimistic that 2015 would bring more activity, more opportunity and most importantly revenue to western markets.

I am highly interested to see what Ken Fisher’s thoughts are when he keynotes the Columbian’s Economic Forecast breakfast thursday the 22nd. Gordon Oliver has put together a great line up , which includes Scott Bailey our Washington State Regional economist and 16 panelists with four break out sessions.

Specifically I’m interested in Mike Bomar’ thoughts after a full year as President of CREDC, Teresa Brum after a full year in Vancouver.    Ryan Hurley has been remaking different sections of Downtown Vancouver and Russell Brent of Mill Creek Pub should be able to provide some great insights as to restaurants , breweries,wineries as there seem to be more every day.  Lower gas prices frees up dollars for more retail and restaurant sales.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that each of these four will convey a sense of a very optimistic vision of 2015.

Community Foundation Kudos

We’ll lead this post with passing out some sincere and well deserved accolades to the South West Washington Community Foundation for planning and executing a great community wide event on Sept 18th – Give More 24!  Designed to create a much wider reach to community members who might not attend the many fundraising events we see every week. The final total for this 24 hour event was over 475,000 dollars.  Wow!

In addition the past two weeks the Community Foundation has transitioned into new office space moving from Officers Row where they were housed for over a decade into the Esther Short building just west of Esther Short park.  This property was acquired in the spring of 2014 from the City of Vancouver by David Copenhaver of Acorn Acquisitions.

Copenhaver is partnering with Davidson Insurance, LSW Architects and Stryker Financial  in ownership of the building. The building has been completely redone in the interior ( by Terry Fredriksen so you know it is spectacular) and  the exterior with beautiful new landscaping and a fantastic community room. This is one of several projects Acorn is developing in our downtown core.

The move by the Community Foundation is one step in  a larger strategic plan to raise the visibility of the Foundation within our community. The ultimate goal ; Create significant growth in their capacity to stimulate giving and create funds that can be used to tackle generational poverty issues.

With Give More 24! being the first major initiative in this process – we think they are off to a great start, and look forward with anticipation to watching the next few years unfold.

We at Coldwell Banker Commercial were honored to be part of the search and negotiating team that helped Jennifer Rhoads and her team select this spot and again send  many kudos their way.