Catworks reaches a milestone

Catworks_LogoI saw a facebook  post from Catworks owner Mike Nieto late Wednesday September 17th.
He had some very exciting news about his growing company:

It is with great pride that we congratulate our team for being awarded our single largest contract in our company’s history. Today we were officially awarded the North Jetty Lagoon Fill Project with the USACE. This project is one of many projects that are to come to help restore our jetty system at the mouth of the Columbia River. This unique project will keep our people working all winter and provide for the next critical phase of jetty repair in the coming summer. The Lagoon fill project’s value is in excess of $5MM and is a great way for our team to finish 2014 and go charging into 2015 as we celebrate 10 years of being in business. This project will be challenging, but exceptionally rewarding. Way to go team!
Mike started this company in 2005, so he has seen it through both busy economic times and the tough challenges of 2009 through 2012.
Catworks is a great member and strong supporter of the of the Southwest  Washington Contractors Association (SWCA) as a first year board member.


Jim West is a Commercial Realtor in Vancouver Washington. His specialty is helping local companies Stop Leasing! and Own their business property. He also works as a Tenant Representative - assisting companies to locate and negotiate a successful Lease for their business operations. He has a public workshop series called Commercial Property Success Series.

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