CP101 – Stop Leasing!  Own Your Business Property- Register here!

June 23rd Thursday 4:30 to 6:30 


CP101 – Stop Leasing – Own Your Business Property   

We explore the fundamental concept that your lease payment has a financial value far beyond its function as rent for your business space, and show you how to effectively harness that power.  Addtionally, local experts on Commercial lending and SBA lending programs will provide you key information to creating relationships with your banker and the SBA.  And you will learn the process of making your city or county a partner in your development or acqusition of property.

Scheduled dates in 2011:  June 23


CP103 –    Mysteries of Leasing Revealed 

Learn the 8 Steps of Sucessful Commercial leasing, how to locate suitable properties, how to create a proposal for your lease and what to expect in negotiations.  Also, we explore common lease clauses that place you at risk and show you how to turn a negative situation into a positive financial position.

Scheduled dates in 2011: 


CP104 –  Mythconceptions – Self Direct Your IRA  

Tired of watching your 401k become a 201k?  Does each monthly statement feel like a Six Flags ride?  Learn secrets from the experts to having total control of where you invest your IRA dollars thereby controlling your financial future.